July 22, 2014


Lately I've been craving rich-pink hues for outfit options. There's something about pink that brings out your inner"girl". I scored this amazing skirt a few years ago from this super cool indoor flea market in Dallas. It was one of those hidden gems that you just magically stumble upon.

 Just a few shots of what I wore on Saturday to attend an art gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn (my new favorite part of NYC)...
 photo DSC_0012_zps667681c4.jpg  photo DSC_0015_zpsaccbd1d2.jpg  photo DSC_0159_zps08ae178c.jpg  photo DSC_0024_zps2cfc1858.jpg  photo DSC_0111_zpsfc47209c.jpg  photo DSC_0011-2_zps675ff3ff.jpg The Details:
 ZARA top 
Thrifted skirt 
ZARA sandals 
MARNI earrings 
Assorted ring collection

June 19, 2014


I don't feel like its summer until I bust out my favorite (non vintage) Prada dress. Its one of my favorite pieces from the Spring 10' collection that I was able to scoop up at the Prada outlet a few years back. The homage to Josephine Baker couldn't make it any better. I haven't worn it since last summer so I thought it would be cool to see how I would style something old with something new.  photo File350_zps1286c12f.jpg

 photo File204_zps8e1ed1fa.jpg
 photo File261_zps508a6361.jpg photo File338_zpseafb1012.jpg  photo File358_zps5dee2868.jpg  photo File398_zps95c097bf.jpg  photo File300_zpsa46ce07f.jpg

                   THE DETAILS:                                                                          Photographed by:  CM
                   Prada(spring 2010 collection) dress 
                   Prada earrings 
                   Prada platforms
                   Thrifted bracelets
                   H&M visor

    June 3, 2014


    After what seemed like the longest winter ever I'm happy to announce that spring has finally arrived. I can finally pack away all my dark articles of clothing and become saturated in vibrant prints and color… I'm sad to admit that over the course of winter I became a victim to the New York standard of dress. I buried away all of my colorful printed clothing and adopted the look of wearing uninterrupted black. 

     Besides season changes, I also decided to cut my hair into a bowl cut. I'm loving the easy styling options and low maintenance that my hair requires. I think the biggest perk is the fact that I can wear hats again.  photo DSC_0059e_zps63448913.jpg
    Its been awhile since I've worn this Nigerian lace top that was passed down to me from my mother. It holds a special place in my heart because it was what my mom wore when she migrated here from Nigeria 30 years ago.

     photo DSC_0022e_zps73e4a66c.jpg
     photo DSC_0203e_zps97cbe6ea.jpg

     photo DSC_0145e_zpsb3d9fa9d.jpg

     photo DSC_0211_zps894ff704.jpg photo DSC_0026e_zps6019f55a.jpg

    THE DETAILS:                                                                          LOCATION: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
    Vintage Christian Dior shorts 
    Nigerian lace blouse
     Zara sandals 
    Thrifted earrings


    April 30, 2014


    My fascination with headwear continues… Lately I've found myself wearing more hats and head wraps as the added accessory over jewelry. My boyfriend found this hat for me at Goodwill and it has not left my head since.I'm majorly crushing over straw hats for summer;Something similar to the one Rihanna had on in the Vogue Brasil editorial.
     photo _DSC0091_zps63f0b95d.jpg
    I'm wearing an old vintage leather dress that I got about a year ago in Dallas. Its one of the only things in my closet that has such a rich-vibrant emerald hue.  photo _DSC0117_zps07984c36.jpg  photo _DSC0035_zpsfe1bfbbb.jpg  photo _DSC0004_zpscc9ec202.jpg  photo _DSC0044_zps917b9991.jpg

                                                                                   THE DETAILS:
                                                                                   VINTAGE LEATHER DRESS
                                                                                   PRADA PLATFORMS
                                                                                   VINTAGE JEWLRY
                                                                                   THRIFTED HAT

    April 15, 2014

    April Fools

    Slowly but surely spring has made head way into New York City! It's funny how 70 degrees can feel like summer after such a long and agonizing winter. All the city girls are trading in their bulky coats for lighter threads. Personally, I can't decide if I'm more excited about wearing less clothing or all the cool happenings that are about to plaque NYC.

     I've recently been scouting out new shops in Manhattan and I stumbled across this hidden gem at a local neighborhood second hand store. I find this skirt to be the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall. I styled the skirt with my favorite worn-in college sweatshirt to go grab lunch with a friend.

     photo _DSC0195_zpsff775e85.jpg
     photo _DSC0138_zpsfd110949.jpg  photo _DSC0114_zps4b8a5994.jpg  photo _DSC0122_zps5039e3f9.jpg  photo _DSC0164_zpsf476392c.jpg  photo _DSC0090_zps032fa706.jpg

     A. WANG BAG

    March 30, 2014

    Gotham City

    I can't express how excited I am for spring, I think the idea of wearing less clothing, less layers, and slinky vintage dresses seems like the perfect equation to kick off spring. Although the weather in New York has been a little on edge its definitely starting to warm up a little bit.

     My latest obsession is this coveted Margiela cape coat that reminds me of some futuristic piece from the Batman movie, Gotham City. I've been obsessed with Margiela since I first laid eyes on the Fall 2007 RTW collection. It appeared to me as avant -garde fashion pushed to its most extreme limits. The idea of being able to mix unconventional media to extreme proportions blew my mind.

     photo _DSC00842_zps8ebf49ba.jpg

     photo _DSC0050_zps85efaedc.jpg

     photo unnamed_zps17fc9309.jpg

     photo _DSC00172_zpsf8f39cc7.jpg  photo _DSC0123_zps9e663c57.jpg  photo _DSC0093_zps2c9dad80.jpg



    January 19, 2014

    Blunted on Reality

    I imagine this coat to be owned by someone in the late '70s.I assume they resided in Harlem or somewhere of that sort. The neighborhood was like a rundown version of Paris in which life was lived outside, on the streets. I imagine a culture, different and separate from that of mainstream America,thriving in Harlem.

     My inspiration for these photographs were drawn from American Gangster, Frank Lucas. I originally fell in love with Harlem 2 years ago, before ever planning my escape to New york. Somewhere along the way Brooklyn stole my heart. When I think of 70s Harlem  I think of extreme urban decay and poverty. I also paint pretty pictures of the Harlem Renaissance, and early jazz scene.

    …fast forward to January 2014 and here I stand
     photo IMG_3401_zps2f88426f.jpg
    In late december I decided to give my hair a break from the cold weather and find a suitable protective hairstyle. I decided yarn braids was the way to go. Who doesn't love the idea of sporting fake locs?? Maybe one day I'll build the courage to grow my hair out.
     photo IMG_3367_zps2ed13713.jpg
     photo IMG_3388_zps2a3499cc.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zpsf91609b6.jpg  photo IMG_3378_zps94d6e978.jpg  photo IMG_3371_zpse8d1ca0c.jpg  photo IMG_3398_zps472f7d03.jpg The Details: 
    Thrifted sheep fur jacket
    J-Brand Lux Sateen pants 
    Zara turtle neck
    Derek Lam boots