April 15, 2014

April Fools

Slowly but surely spring has made head way into New York City! It's funny how 70 degrees can feel like summer after such a long and agonizing winter. All the city girls are trading in their bulky coats for lighter threads. Personally, I can't decide if I'm more excited about wearing less clothing or all the cool happenings that are about to plaque NYC.

 I've recently been scouting out new shops in Manhattan and I stumbled across this hidden gem at a local neighborhood second hand store. I find this skirt to be the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall. I styled the skirt with my favorite worn-in college sweatshirt to go grab lunch with a friend.

 photo _DSC0195_zpsff775e85.jpg
 photo _DSC0138_zpsfd110949.jpg  photo _DSC0114_zps4b8a5994.jpg  photo _DSC0122_zps5039e3f9.jpg  photo _DSC0164_zpsf476392c.jpg  photo _DSC0090_zps032fa706.jpg


March 30, 2014

Gotham City

I can't express how excited I am for spring, I think the idea of wearing less clothing, less layers, and slinky vintage dresses seems like the perfect equation to kick off spring. Although the weather in New York has been a little on edge its definitely starting to warm up a little bit.

 My latest obsession is this coveted Margiela cape coat that reminds me of some futuristic piece from the Batman movie, Gotham City. I've been obsessed with Margiela since I first laid eyes on the Fall 2007 RTW collection. It appeared to me as avant -garde fashion pushed to its most extreme limits. The idea of being able to mix unconventional media to extreme proportions blew my mind.

 photo _DSC00842_zps8ebf49ba.jpg

 photo _DSC0050_zps85efaedc.jpg

 photo unnamed_zps17fc9309.jpg

 photo _DSC00172_zpsf8f39cc7.jpg  photo _DSC0123_zps9e663c57.jpg  photo _DSC0093_zps2c9dad80.jpg



January 19, 2014

Blunted on Reality

I imagine this coat to be owned by someone in the late '70s.I assume they resided in Harlem or somewhere of that sort. The neighborhood was like a rundown version of Paris in which life was lived outside, on the streets. I imagine a culture, different and separate from that of mainstream America,thriving in Harlem.

 My inspiration for these photographs were drawn from American Gangster, Frank Lucas. I originally fell in love with Harlem 2 years ago, before ever planning my escape to New york. Somewhere along the way Brooklyn stole my heart. When I think of 70s Harlem  I think of extreme urban decay and poverty. I also paint pretty pictures of the Harlem Renaissance, and early jazz scene.

…fast forward to January 2014 and here I stand
 photo IMG_3401_zps2f88426f.jpg
In late december I decided to give my hair a break from the cold weather and find a suitable protective hairstyle. I decided yarn braids was the way to go. Who doesn't love the idea of sporting fake locs?? Maybe one day I'll build the courage to grow my hair out.
 photo IMG_3367_zps2ed13713.jpg
 photo IMG_3388_zps2a3499cc.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zpsf91609b6.jpg  photo IMG_3378_zps94d6e978.jpg  photo IMG_3371_zpse8d1ca0c.jpg  photo IMG_3398_zps472f7d03.jpg The Details: 
Thrifted sheep fur jacket
J-Brand Lux Sateen pants 
Zara turtle neck
Derek Lam boots

December 24, 2013

'Draped Up and Dripped Out'

Lately I've found myself dressing more for comfort and warmth above all else. I think the key to staying alive is to layer as much as possible with the hopes of staying warm. With the amazing weather we received this weekend I was able to take a break from the heavy coats and pull out one of my favorite jumpsuits. It feels very reminiscent to the Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit from Spring 2011. The silhouette of this jumpsuit is everything, not to mention the incredible draping and over extended sleeves. I scored the jumpsuit in Dallas at a cute vintage store called Ahab Bowen… so sad when I found out they closed.  photo IMG_3245_zps70ebae08.jpg  photo IMG_3255_zps200d8410.jpg  photo IMG_3217_2_zpsd7ae3de1.jpg  photo IMG_3239_zpsd40d83e5.jpg  photo IMG_3225_zps678e250d.jpg  photo IMG_3261_zps0e11d356.jpg  photo IMG_3213_zps18c65699.jpg THE DETAILS:
Vintage Jumpsuit
Celine Platforms
Vintage Rings

November 25, 2013

Texas Bound

I'm giving New York a break for awhile and heading back down south for a few days to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It's always great to break the monotony of our usual day to day flow for a change of scenery. I was also hoping for warmer weather but it seems like global warming has got the best of all of us.

 Based on previous post you can tell that this leather biker jacket has been a key staple in my wardrobe this fall. There's something about a perfectly broken in leather jacket that sets the mood for the entire outfit.Its not hard at all to pull off a leather Jacket but it can take a while to really find the right one to compliment your body structure. Fit is everything… When it comes to shopping second hand clothing I really don't go in with any expectation. I like to get lost in the clothing and hope that I walk away with a few really dope piecies. This jacket was a quick pick me up from Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn.
 photo IMG_2930_zpse3c928cd.jpg
 photo IMG_2878_22_zps068f2a61.jpg
 photo IMG_2938_2_zpsa9525dfd.jpg
 photo IMG_2899_2_zpsbd0d2b95.jpg
 photo IMG_2915_zpsc84fce6a.jpg

 photo IMG_2881_zpsf659af8d.jpg

 Alice & Olivia leather bell bottoms 
Thrifted leather jacket 
Thrifted sweatshirt 
H&M wool hat
Nigerian snake print bag
Nigerian bronze necklace

November 16, 2013

African Mud Cloth

I'm not sure why, but my life has been feeling like a '90s television sitcom... maybe its due to the fact that I've been polluting my mind with old '90s music videos.  I've been making a conscious effort to rediscover new music and get better acquainted with some old books that I never got around to reading.

 This African mud cloth hat has become my most coveted accessory in my closet. After visiting Nigeria early this year I find myself obsessed with raw fabrics. When I came across this hat on Ebay I couldn't resist. I love the fact that each piece of mud cloth has a story to tell. The symbols, the way in which they are arranged, as well as the color and shape reveal a variety of different secrets. Something about this hat reminds me of Queen Latifah during her role in Living Single, and Grace Jones in the 80s.  photo IMG_3094_zpse9930fa0.jpg photo IMG_3112_2_zpsa75a2ca1.jpg  photo IMG_3069_zpsc26611ad.jpg  photo IMG_30463_zps6cd76e04.jpg  photo IMG_3105_2_zps247cdf3a.jpg

 African Mud Cloth Hat from Ebay
 Rag & Bone Jeans
 Thrifted Fringe Jacket
 Zara Wool Coat
 Thrifted OTK Boots

November 4, 2013


That moment when you realize that its barely fall, and you don't know if you're gonna survive this cruel winter because your African blood wasn't made for this kind of weather...I guess I also wasn't dressed appropriately.  I wore this slightly distressed denim-on-denim situation to grab brunch on Sunday at Cafe Chili, located in downtown Brooklyn. If your in the mood for some tasty,inexpensive Thai cuisine its definitely worth checking out. 

 Since uprooting from Texas to new York I've realized that my dressing has become a bit more relaxed. I've traded in my 5 inch heels for brogues, sneakers, and an occasional 2 inch heel. photo IMG_2988_zps195f36e5.jpg photo IMG_2994_2_zps3546892c.jpg  photo IMG_2995_zps0347ab31.jpg  photo IMG_2991_zps4c885511.jpg
I got these Ronald McDonald Prada brogues on sale at Bloomingdales and can't seem to get them off my feet. Besides the fact that they make my feet look extra long, I think they're the perfect shoe to jazz up a simple outfit.  photo IMG_3027_zpsf014ed8f.jpg  photo IMG_3006_zpsf43d31d6.jpg  photo IMG_30052_zpsb2f05ae8.jpg THE DETAILS: 
Thrifted Men's Jacket
 Thrifted DKNY Jeans
 H&M Hat
Prada Brogues
Thrift/Vintage Rings