January 7, 2015

…. a bit jaded

 photo IMG_0187_2_zps925c64b3.jpg Its hard to believe that we're at the beginning of a new year. I'm thankful to God and all of you for your continued support as I continue to evolve. I hope to connect with some amazing people this year. learn more about myself. Set goals. Follow no rules. Grow deep in love. stay humble. Travel. Explore, and have no regrets.

 My latest post was inspired by old New York street culture. After living in Brooklyn for over a year now I realized that I draw a lot of my inspiration from the people and things around me.These photos
were shot in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn.  photo IMG_0174_zps005b6b64.jpg
 photo IMG_0172_zps90d023bf.jpg
 photo IMG_0194_2_zpscb38ed0e.jpg
 photo IMG_0124_zpsa98f6fbe.jpg
 photo IMG_0205_2_zps82ff9d77.jpg

The Details:
Citizens of Humanity Angie bell-bottoms
Thrifted coat
Thrifted Turban

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