November 16, 2013

African Mud Cloth

I'm not sure why, but my life has been feeling like a '90s television sitcom... maybe its due to the fact that I've been polluting my mind with old '90s music videos.  I've been making a conscious effort to rediscover new music and get better acquainted with some old books that I never got around to reading.

 This African mud cloth hat has become my most coveted accessory in my closet. After visiting Nigeria early this year I find myself obsessed with raw fabrics. When I came across this hat on Ebay I couldn't resist. I love the fact that each piece of mud cloth has a story to tell. The symbols, the way in which they are arranged, as well as the color and shape reveal a variety of different secrets. Something about this hat reminds me of Queen Latifah during her role in Living Single, and Grace Jones in the 80s.  photo IMG_3094_zpse9930fa0.jpg photo IMG_3112_2_zpsa75a2ca1.jpg  photo IMG_3069_zpsc26611ad.jpg  photo IMG_30463_zps6cd76e04.jpg  photo IMG_3105_2_zps247cdf3a.jpg

 African Mud Cloth Hat from Ebay
 Rag & Bone Jeans
 Thrifted Fringe Jacket
 Zara Wool Coat
 Thrifted OTK Boots

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