November 4, 2013


That moment when you realize that its barely fall, and you don't know if you're gonna survive this cruel winter because your African blood wasn't made for this kind of weather...I guess I also wasn't dressed appropriately.  I wore this slightly distressed denim-on-denim situation to grab brunch on Sunday at Cafe Chili, located in downtown Brooklyn. If your in the mood for some tasty,inexpensive Thai cuisine its definitely worth checking out. 

 Since uprooting from Texas to new York I've realized that my dressing has become a bit more relaxed. I've traded in my 5 inch heels for brogues, sneakers, and an occasional 2 inch heel. photo IMG_2988_zps195f36e5.jpg photo IMG_2994_2_zps3546892c.jpg  photo IMG_2995_zps0347ab31.jpg  photo IMG_2991_zps4c885511.jpg
I got these Ronald McDonald Prada brogues on sale at Bloomingdales and can't seem to get them off my feet. Besides the fact that they make my feet look extra long, I think they're the perfect shoe to jazz up a simple outfit.  photo IMG_3027_zpsf014ed8f.jpg  photo IMG_3006_zpsf43d31d6.jpg  photo IMG_30052_zpsb2f05ae8.jpg THE DETAILS: 
Thrifted Men's Jacket
 Thrifted DKNY Jeans
 H&M Hat
Prada Brogues
Thrift/Vintage Rings

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  1. Uggh! Your style is just out of this world! You keep slaying me with your creativity and quirkiness