October 9, 2014

Brown Skin Lady

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Since living in New York, I've realized that dressing for the in between seasons can be a bit of a challenge. In Texas I really only had two seasons to worry about. Spring and summer seemed to last for almost 9 months out of the year. The remaining 3 months was what we believed to be our fall/winter weather.

 I pulled out this old thrifted dress that I can't get enough of. The beautiful shades of pink and lavender create the perfect floral hues. Theres something about the fabric that always seems to remind of 70s upholstery fabric.

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The Details:                                                                                  Photographed by: Carroll Moore
Thrifted floral dress
 Nike runners
Miu Miu earrings
Transparent clutch-Bloomingdales

                                                                                                       Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn

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  1. What vintage stores did you shop most in Dallas?