April 30, 2014


My fascination with headwear continues… Lately I've found myself wearing more hats and head wraps as the added accessory over jewelry. My boyfriend found this hat for me at Goodwill and it has not left my head since.I'm majorly crushing over straw hats for summer;Something similar to the one Rihanna had on in the Vogue Brasil editorial.
 photo _DSC0091_zps63f0b95d.jpg
I'm wearing an old vintage leather dress that I got about a year ago in Dallas. Its one of the only things in my closet that has such a rich-vibrant emerald hue.  photo _DSC0117_zps07984c36.jpg  photo _DSC0035_zpsfe1bfbbb.jpg  photo _DSC0004_zpscc9ec202.jpg  photo _DSC0044_zps917b9991.jpg

                                                                               THE DETAILS:
                                                                               VINTAGE LEATHER DRESS
                                                                               PRADA PLATFORMS
                                                                               VINTAGE JEWLRY
                                                                               THRIFTED HAT

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