January 19, 2014

Blunted on Reality

I imagine this coat to be owned by someone in the late '70s.I assume they resided in Harlem or somewhere of that sort. The neighborhood was like a rundown version of Paris in which life was lived outside, on the streets. I imagine a culture, different and separate from that of mainstream America,thriving in Harlem.

 My inspiration for these photographs were drawn from American Gangster, Frank Lucas. I originally fell in love with Harlem 2 years ago, before ever planning my escape to New york. Somewhere along the way Brooklyn stole my heart. When I think of 70s Harlem  I think of extreme urban decay and poverty. I also paint pretty pictures of the Harlem Renaissance, and early jazz scene.

…fast forward to January 2014 and here I stand
 photo IMG_3401_zps2f88426f.jpg
In late december I decided to give my hair a break from the cold weather and find a suitable protective hairstyle. I decided yarn braids was the way to go. Who doesn't love the idea of sporting fake locs?? Maybe one day I'll build the courage to grow my hair out.
 photo IMG_3367_zps2ed13713.jpg
 photo IMG_3388_zps2a3499cc.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zpsf91609b6.jpg  photo IMG_3378_zps94d6e978.jpg  photo IMG_3371_zpse8d1ca0c.jpg  photo IMG_3398_zps472f7d03.jpg The Details: 
Thrifted sheep fur jacket
J-Brand Lux Sateen pants 
Zara turtle neck
Derek Lam boots

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  1. What a lovely coat!! Looks so warm, could do with that now x